As a game designer and developer, my focus lies in programming in multiple languages, crafting captivating and original levels, and creating interesting art assets for engaging and entertaining experiences. I am skilled in creating games in the Unity and Unreal game engines, some of which can be found in the Windows or Google Play store. The Media Arts and Sciences game design/development and 3D graphics specialization classes I have taken at the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI have challenged me and given me the tools to create my own unique games and 3D models.


Genre: 2D Auto-scroller, Casual

Engine: Unity 2D

Platforms: Google Play store


Xtreme CTF

Genre: Maze

Engine: Epic Game’s Unreal Engine (UE4)


Skate Escape

Genre: 2D Platformer

Engine: Unity 2D

Platforms: Windows store, Google Play store, and

Paddle Pong

Genre: Arcade

Engine: Unity 3D

Platforms: Google Play store

About Me

Ever since I can remember I’ve always sought ways to express my creativity. Drawing, sculpting, origami, pixel art, stop motion – I enjoyed exploring as many mediums as possible. When I discovered Minecraft, I was hooked on just how creative you can be in the virtual world. Being able to explore and build in that fun, blocky landscape made me want to figure out how to make my own games.

It’s easy for me to get absorbed in my own projects, but I truly enjoy collaborating with others as well. Learning new skills and getting different perspectives always results in a fresh take on a game. I’m endlessly curious to learn more “tricks of the trade” and be instrumental in pushing game design and development to new levels.

Contact Me

You can contact me via e-mail or LinkedIn.