Development Process:

Initial Concept: The goal of this project was to create a fun shoot em’ up style game with a low polygon aesthetic, set in a sci-fi environment.

Level Design: I textured two spheres as the Earth and the moon, and made the sky sphere look like outer space. The player is free to roam the level until they collide with the edge of the play area, which are invisible box colliders.

Character Design: The player is a spaceship, which took inspiration from a X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars. I tried going for a more cartoonish look for the alien, with the extraterrestrial controlling the UFO by sitting on top of it. To create a low polygon feel to the game I created these 3D models using a box modeling technique in Maya.

Putting It Into Code:

Powerups: The player activates a coroutine when they hit a powerup, which can be either increased speed or increased rotation speed.

Physics and Player Controller: I used rigidbody components and colliders in Unity and the controls of the player were also based off of the rigidbody system.

Camera: I have a third person camera set up that follows the player.

Enemy AI: I have spawn points set up where the aliens emerge, and the aliens use a script where they follow the player. The spawn system uses a game object that controls the number of waves, what will be spawned, how many objects will be spawned, and the rate at which something will be spawned.