Skate Escape

Development Process

Initial Concept: The inspiration behind this game was to combine two of my favorite things: pixel art and skateboarding. Ever since I played games like Super Mario World I always thought it would be awesome to create my own 2D platformer.

Level Design: To build all of the unique levels I utilized a 2D Tilemap using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

Character Design: I chose to go with three main enemies: police, scooter riders, and pebbles. Nearly every skater has had to deal with at least one of these things at some point. It could be a cop saying you can’t skate somewhere, a scooter rider getting in your way at the skate-park, or a rogue pebble that comes out of nowhere that causes you to wipe out.

Putting It Into Code:

Animations: For all the characters I implemented animation state machines.

Powerups: When the player collects a powerup the player turns a different color with the sprite renderer component in Unity, and it also activates a coroutine.

Physics and Player Controller: I used the 2D rigidbody components and colliders in Unity and the controls of the player were also based off of the 2D rigidbody system.

Shop: When the player upgrades their abilities in the game (speed, jump height, and lives), this is done utilizing the PlayerPrefs system.

Camera: I used the CineMachine in Unity and also made a camera shake animation when the player collides with something.

Enemy AI: Since I only had to deal with two axes in two dimensional space I made a script where the enemies patrol an area from left to right, and also there’s an enemy spawner late in the game to make it harder.

Go more into depth on the GitHub repository.