Development Process

Initial Concept: As an intern hired at TutorDudes, I worked with a team of two other interns on a three month long project to develop TDULTRA (a virtual meeting platform for learning and interaction).

Technology Used: To complete this project my team and I used HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Node.js. We also used Google Firebase for database services and Paddle Payment for B2B transactions.

How It Works: TDULTRA is a WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) application that enables real-time voice, text and video communications capabilities between web browsers and devices. The front end of the website uses HTML and CSS while the back end uses JavaScript (specifically Node.js) as well as Google Firebase. TDULTRA also has a file sharing service called TDCLOUD that allows tutors to upload media to their own personal account.

This is how the website first looked before my internship began.

After three months of development this is how the finished website turned out. This version has a pricing page that uses Paddle payment for transactions, web pages to access the WebRTC portion of the website, and access pages for the file sharing part of the website.