Development Process

Initial Concept: The goal of this project was to attract more people to Hope Training Academy’s E Sports Center through an online virtual reality walkthrough of their facility.

Equipment and Software: To complete this project my team and I used Matterport’s equipment and software. Matterport is a 3D platform that lets you turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin. Specifically, we used the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and an iPad with the Matterport app for this project.

How It Works: The way we went about obtaining the scans was first getting a 3D scan of a spot and then getting a 360 degree panoramic image of that spot. We hid from the Matterport camera like it was Medusa! If you get in the way of its path, you’ll have an unusable scan. Every six feet (or two meters), we moved the camera and re-leveled it if necessary. The circles on the floor represent where you can travel in the walkthrough, and this is also where we moved the camera within the building. Matterport does a lot of the work for you; the camera communicates with the app and it pieces together the scans and images of each spot into one complete 3D model.

Below are a few images of what the 3D model looks like from different angles.

Issues: One problem we ran into was figuring out how best to capture the areas in the room with windows. Windows can sometimes cause issues when scanning. Too much reflectivity and/or sunlight can cause the camera to act abnormally. To solve this issue, we placed the camera in areas where there was less sunlight and away from windows. Also, making sure the camera was level at all times was a small issue. There’s a small carpeted ramp in the building, and we had to re-level the camera a few times in this area to make sure everything would look right when all the scans were compiled together.

Content Within The Scan:¬†There are Mattertags within the scan, which are points of interests within the digital twin that the user can interact with. We included text descriptions, videos, images, and links within the Mattertags to keep people engaged on the site. There’s information on all of their arcade machines, the equipment used, their services, and the decor in the facility.

Website Mock-up:

Completed Webpages: